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Transformational Interior Design

Simple Improvements or Complete Make-Overs

Shahin Medghalchi offers interior design and décor services to people seeking to transform the environment in which they live, work, entertain or create – a home, studio, guest accommodations or place of business – into a place that feels good to enter and spend time in.

A well-designed space uplifts you, as well as your family, guests, and clients.

Inspired by beauty, Shahin has cultivated a natural instinct for design and harmony. She brings a sense of sophistication to every environment. She can work with any style to create an environment of comfort and beauty that serves the function of the space, transforming it into an authentic expression of the client’s personality and taste. Projects range from a new building projects and renovations, to upgrading a space that contains some useful elements, but is needing a cohesive style or statement.

With years of experience renovating and decorating homes and businesses, Shahin can improve the look and feel of a place with simple additions and upgrades, or with a total make-over.

For an initial consultation with Shahin, call (505) 983-9650.